Website and Twitter bot with court decrees from the Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina

Edicta collected court decrees published on the Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina and allowed you to navigate them in an easy and categorized way, in your desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Moreover, new decrees were posted to Twitter everyday at 7AM.

As the official website from the government became friendlier than before so I decided to shut down the project.

The system had three components: a scrapper, a website, and a Twitter bot.

The Scrapper

Every hour, a Rake task fetches the decrees from the Boletín Oficial website, parses, classifies, and stores them in an SQLite database.

The Website

Built with Sinatra, the website allows you to quickly read active decrees. Built with Bootstrap, it’s really easy to navigate from mobile devices.

The website provides an RSS Feed to be used with feed readers.

The Twitter Bot

Every day between 7AM and 18PM, every 15 minutes, a bot (another Rake task) chooses a decree and posts it to the social network.