Animal Sounds

Tap the animals to hear their sounds and read their names.

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I’ve made this game (or should I say toy?) to play with my toddler, and she really liked it! I thought some other kids may like it too, so I decided to share it for free.

Game modes

I use this toy in 3 different ways. You can come up with new ones too!

Smash for sounds

Toddlers will love touching the screen to hear the sounds and watch animations.

Choose and Match

Select an animal and challenge the child to pick another one of the same type.


Pick as many matching animals as you can and check the number (i.e. 3 pandas). Then let the child do the same with a different animal (i.e. 5 elephants). The highest number wins the round!



Animal Pack by Kenney Source License
JUNGLE SCENE BACKGROUND by Vector Jungle Source License
GRUNDSCHRIFT font by Fernando Haro Source License
Bear Growl 001 by mckinneysound Source Website License
Chimpanzee Sound by Mike Koenig Source License
Elephant Sound by Mike Koenig Source License
Parots Talking Sound by aras Source Public Domain
Pig Oink Sound by Mike Koenig Source License
Rattlesnake Rattle Sound by Source Public Domain
Hippopotamus sounds by AlexTriceratops123 Source License
magellanic_penguin.wav by soundbytez Source License