I'm currently Head of Products for Turner Latin America general entertainment brands, managing several different products for Turner's digital offerings such as TVE, OTT and editorial platforms.

In the past I've managed digital development teams and projects for big media brands.

I have a technical background, and I feel comfortable being a bridge between technical and non-technical teams.

You can check my career profile at Linkedin or contact me.

Personal Projects

In my free time I like build tools for public benefit and video games. I've made...

A webapp that creates a personalized vaccination calendar given a birth date, and allows you to import it to your Google Calendar.
A (now defunct) website that indexed court decrees and a Twitter bot that posted them.
Precios Caros
A prototype webapp that allows you to scan a product's barcode and compare its prices near you.
A web canvas where you can draw with your mouse/stencil/finger and save the result as a PNG.
Sin Luz
An API and a website to track Buenos Aires' blackouts over time. (In progress)
An argentinian banknotes calculator using emojis.
What did Ü draw
A website with 2300 snapshots from a Justin Bieber's music video uploaded through an automated process using the Tumblr API.
Venganzas del Pasado
The design and a big chunk of the codebase of Venganzas del Pasado.
Cammesa API
An API that provides information about power demand, load and temperature of Argentina's electrical power infrastructure.
Video Metadata API
A simple HTTP API to obtain remote video metadata (codecs, duration, formats, etc) using ffprobe as a backend.
Periscope Analytics
A tool to dump Periscope broadcasts, hearts, comments and users information to an SQLite database.
Know Hearthstone
A Twitter bot that tweets random Hearthstone cards every 6 hours.
Buzzlist Poems
A bot that collects BuzzFeed's listicles, renders them in a poem fashion, and posts them to twitter.
Ridiculous Poyin
A videogame about shooting a baked chicken.
Animal Sounds
An Android game for kids where you tap animal faces to hear their sounds. You can play it on your browser too.
Peppermint Rush
A twitchy Android videogame where you gather as many mint leaves as you can before all the plants die. It's available on Itch too.
Nürburgring Heroes
An old-school racing game (in progress).
A zero configuration (but configurable!) web server, ideal for developing and testing static sites.
A tool to run your webpack builds inside a docker container.
A file processor to generate configuration files for different environments based on templates.
A game-agnostic high-score server. It can also save replay (or other binary) data.
A .Net library to generate URL slugs.
Chrono Brake
A simple webserver that allows you to test HTTP clients timeouts by pausing the response for the time you specify.
Hubot Scripts
Two Hubot scripts that allow you to send anonymous messages and get random game ideas.
Wordpress JuxtaposeJS
A WordPress plugin that adds a [juxtapose] shortcode to embed Northwestern University Knight Lab's JuxtaposeJS image comparisons.
A middleware so you can use your NodeJS server to receive IFTTT actions.
A Ruby gem to control media players using the D-Bus Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification (MPRIS).
... plus some other stuff I haven't published nor finished. I also like to create music and love to play videogames.


I've worked with uncountable tools, libraries and frameworks over the course of a decade, mainly focused on Web Development. You may say I'm "full stack", having worked on infrastructure, backend, frontend and UX.

I've coded in JS/NodeJS, .Net, Go, Ruby, PHP with brief experiences with other languages; and I've worked with several frameworks & libraries in every of them.

At infrastructure level I've worked primarily with GNU/Linux, and in the last years had focused on containerization.


You can contact me through Twitter or via email at mail [at] fcingolani.com.ar